It was just not a class, it was an experience all together a day activity ! Loved it.. Sujit and Sudha the most friendly and sweet couple ! Thank you for the class, the dosa, oh that lunch ( I keep talking about that prawn curry), those amazing breads and lastly that bread pudding! Thank you so much for such a nice experience.. Love it love it – Arosha Liny (Artisan Sourdough Bread Baking Workshop 7th August 2016)

Wonderful food, wonderful hosts and teachers. There’s special stuff going on here. Don’t miss out if your interested, take the class. – Heather Amin (Appams & Curries Workshop 6th August 2016)

Having fallen in love with all the amazing pictures posted by Sujit, the ‘Bread Whisperer’ and master artisan sourdough bread baker, I decided to take a break from the traffic-ridden, almost claustrophobic Bangalore life, for a wonderful weekend getaway to attend Sujit’s Sourdough Bread Workshop at his current idyllic residence in Goa. It was a wonderful experience – right from the warmest of welcomes, an excellent group of people from different places with the common interest in learning to bake bread the natural way for company, the fantastic set up inside an earth-y well maintained old house, the drinks, the conversation, the garden tour, the delicious food (that included herbed sourdough crackers, a Panzanella salad, Sujit’s flavourful breads, Sudha’s mouth-watering Kerala curries, and a fantastic bread pudding for dessert) and the entire gamut of sourdough bread baking from the master himself. Anyone considering to enter into the world of sourdough bread baking must do so from Sujit, because he is definitely the bread Whisperer who works magic with his fingers and his knowledge, by way of his experience of baking them almost everyday! A truly inspirational workshop, worth making a trip to Goa for. Thank you, Sujit, for instilling an addiction and the constant mentoring when in doubt. – Shreya Ravi Kumar (Artisan Sourdough Bread Baking Workshop 19th June 2016)

This workshop is quite an experience … Having been to a number of bread baking courses, this one has been special. And fun. Conversations, lunch, drinks and of course the bread. Lovely !! -Neela Venkatraman (Artisan Sourdough Bread Baking Workshop 12th June 2016)

There can be no greater pleasure than spending Sunday with a group of like minded people baking bread. Lovely experience, great fun, lots of new friends and a delicious loaf of bread to eat at the end of it. Not forgetting my California Gold Rush starter which will probably be with me for life as, I hope, will be the skills learned and the friends made.
– Julia Selwood (Artisan Sourdough Bread Baking Workshop 19th June 2016)

Loved every moment of my class n the wonderful hospitality of the Sumitrans. Sujit is a wonderful teacher and truly a bread whisperer.The class didn’t feel like a class but a fun get together of friends. Thankyou for getting me introduced to the world of sourdough bread baking or breaking as you call it Sujit. I would recommend this class to all and guys if you haven’t eaten the sourdough breads you are missing something thing in life! Do try them:) – Pritika Thukral (Artisan Sourdough Bread Baking Workshop 19th June 2016)

The grey early morning with a dull sky. The clouds releasing sudden heavy showers at intervals and the green grass. The anticipation of meeting ‘The Bread Whisperer’ akka ‘Sujit Sumitran’. The towering Portuguese villa with canary yellow walls and Sujit welcoming me with his warm better half ‘Sudha’ and the gentle 16 year old dog ‘Ginger” and of course the fellow participants. Oh! And then I usher into the bread heaven where the magic happens. The simplest of the ingredients known to mankind- flour, salt, water and natural yeast is kneaded with love and patience which turn into the softest baby bottoms. The banettons are layered with the floured napkins and the soft pliable dough is scored to be baked. The clay wood fired oven is smoked. The eyes lit up as they go in the fire and the hearthy brown cedar wood lemony tang boules with a crackling crust emerge victorious and mature ready to be shared. And what is bread after all if not shared. The smell of freshly baked sourdough and the smell of aging rain. Knead I say more!!!
Thanks Sujit Sumitran for lifetime of memories!!
Paayel Agarwal (Artisan Sourdough Bread Baking Workshop 17th July 2016)