Mussels in Egg Plant Blankets


2014-01-03 20.19.42Every time I used to visit Calicut (Kozhikode) my mom invariable packed me some semi-fried Kalumakkai (Mussels). These would promptly be devoured in a day or two. Sometimes, Sudha would stash away a handful of these for the proverbial rainy day. During one of the my raids on the freezer, I discovered some beauties. I also spotted some egg plants in the veggie tray. I heated up some coconut oil in a frying pan and tossed the semi-fried mussels in them till they were nicely browned and crisp at the edges. While they were getting done, I sliced the egg plants length-wise and baked them in the oven for a few minutes till they were lightly browned. I then rolled the fried mussels on some freshly chopped coriander leaves and slivers of ginger. And then wrapped them in the baked egg plant slices. Here there are:

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