Stir Fried Lotus Root that turned into a salad

Stir fried Lotus RootGinger, garlic, sliced lotus root, red chillies, green onions, sesame seeds, sesame oil, soya sauce. Heat the oil. Marinate all the other ingredients in soya sauce. When the oil is hot, lower heat and toss in all the ingredients. Let them sizzle and when you smell heaven turn off the heat. I took out a few slices of the lotus to check if they were cooked – you’ll know because they’ll be crunchy and full of flavor from all the other ingredients. Was fun cooking it and eating it too. 🙂


And there was some left over that became a Stir Fried Lotus Root Salad. Added some cream cheese, caramelized red and yellow peppers and some crisply fried curry leaves. Turned out to be quite an adventure on the plate and the palate.

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