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sujit-01Hello there,

My name is Sujit and this space is an attempt to express rather than impress and a place to play and hopefully learn more about something that’s I’m completely cuckoo about. In addition to playing in the kitchen, I run a company called The Yellow Submarine. My kitchen role models are my wife and best friend Sudha and my mom Niroja, who have effortlessly internalized the value of ‘better than good’ food.


My cooking itch began in 1985. I’d just got married and I think I wanted to impress Sudha. What started off as weekend experiments very quickly became weekend obsessions. It’s been 31 years and changes in my lifestyle now allow me the pleasure of indulging myself beyond just weekends. More importantly, cooking helps me in ‘climate control’ – in creating ‘sunshine on demand’, irrespective of the weather outside.


My fix these days come from baking bread – not  just cooking and follows a pretty simple process:

  1. Check what ingredient’s are available in the fridge or larder.
  2. Go online to get some ideas on what those ingredients could magically be transformed into.
  3. Add. Delete. Modify. Substitute and most importantly play – slowly.  After all, whats the point in rushing it, when I’m having lots of fun!
  4. Take a snap or two quickly with the camera phone.
  5. Eat and if possible make mental notes!

So, this blog thingy is a wee bit horrifying. Am I biting off more than I can chew? Will I be focusing more on the paper-work than on playing? A zillion questions flood me. I guess the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, I’m going to use this space as an extended kitchen counter. Let’s see what gets tabled.

I hope you’ll enjoy your time spent here. Thanks for stopping by.

Ta – Sujit


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Am happy to see this Sujit! keep posting. Like they say, ‘Artists have no choice but to express their lives’
    More power to you and people that nourish with your love!

    1. Thanks Neha. Not sure about the kick-ass thingy but it sure is making me sit on my ass for long periods of time. 🙂

  2. Please please book me on the full day workshop- October 1st 2016. I’m passionate about sourdough and desperate to learn from you.

  3. Dear Sumitran,
    Thanks for the reply. I live in Patiala mostly though we are coming regularly to Goa now. I’ll be there on 25 th September so please include me in the full day baking workshop if there’s one for that date.
    Do you sell any products? Could I possibly buy some sour dough starter. I could get that picked up if it’s not wise to courier it. I’m staying in Odlem when in Goa.
    Looking forward to hearing from you

  4. Hello Sumit,
    My family and I will be visiting Goa by end of this month (Oct). Will there be a bread making workshop during that time. Please let us know..

    1. Hello Annie,

      I’m sorry I messed your message. There is one workshop scheduled for 6th November. End October wasn’t possible as I had family members down for Diwali. Are you still in Goa? Apologies again.

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