1:2:3 ‘Tadka’ Bread in a Chatti

Given the right platform, it’s possible for people that one hasn’t met to actually trigger a new idea and that’s what Apolina Fos did on Cal Select (a page on Facebook). Seeing one of my posts. she asked me if I’d ever thought of doing a ‘tadka’ on the dough. For the non-initiated, ‘tadka’, also called ‘chaunk’ is a process of tempering spices / herbs in hot oil and then transferring the flavoured oil into the dish. So, inspired by Apolina,

Incidentally, this was also an attempt to bake in a chatti. I’ve been eyeing the Romertopf and La Cloche clay vessels and while I’ve always wanted to play with clay, the non-availability of these in India pushed me to experiment with the humble ‘chatti’ found everywhere in Kerala. So, when Sudha paid a visit to Calicut, I asked her to scout around and she came back with a chatti with a lid.

And yes – it was also an experiment with a formula I learnt on Artisan Bread Bakers – a page on Facebook. 1:2:3 – 1 portion of starter + 2 portions of water + 3 portions of flour. All by weight. Here’s what my experiment was all about:


100 gms Starter
200 gms Water
300 gms Organic flour (240 gms APF/ Maida and 60 gms Whole Wheat flour / Atta)
6 gms salt

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