Sudha's Appam, Seafood and Fish Curries MasterClass

Kerala – God’s own country – also known as the land of spices has a rich culinary heritage and boasts of food that few of the ‘authentic’ restaurants even come close to.

Think of food from Kerala and one image that springs up invariably is of the rich seafood and fish curries. And inspired by these gems, Sudha has curated a hands-on master class on some of these delightful dishes. These traditional recipes are all time-honoured master-pieces that have been passed down from earlier generations. Recipes, that she tweaked and made ‘easy-peasy’ while she balanced the demands from home and work. And all this without compromising on the flavour and goodness.

Date: Alternate Saturday’s (normally). Private workshops (for a minimum size of 6) on request.

Venue: House # 337, Bonsulo Waddo, Penha de Franca, Brittona, Goa
Timings: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm including the food that’s been cooked at the Masterclass. BYOB if you’d like some special hydration. 🙂

Pricing: Rs.2,900/- per participant.

Limited seats on a first come first serve basis, on advance booking only. Please register ASAP as as most classes are pre-booked well in advance.

Rescheduling requests will be considered upto 7 days before the event. No last minute cancellations please.

In this master-class, Sudha will lead and you will cook the following:


Prawn Cutlets
Delicately spiced, crumb coated and shallow fried – the perfect way to kins start a great meal.

Poricha-Meen(Fried Fish)
Fish, marinated in Sudha’s special Magic Masala and then pan fried,


Vellai-Appams (Appams)
A fermented batter of ground rice and coconut that magically transforms into lacy, crispy pancakes with a spongy centres. Great for breakfast, lunch and dinner and goes with almost anything. Each one of you will make your own appams 🙂 Picture above.

Fish Molee
A mildly spiced, Green chilli and Coconut milk based fish stew of seasonal vegetables, topped with caramelised onions and tempered spices. Great for breakfast, lunch and dinner and goes well with bread, appams and ghee-rice.

Meen-Curry(Fish Curry)
This could either be a Ground coconut and spices based, mildly spiced and rich Fish Curry or a Red Chillies and Tamarind based one. Either ways, they all pair beautifully with steamed red rice.

Chemeen-Theeyal(Prawn Theeyal)
Shallots gently simmered in a rich, robust, roasted coconut and spice gravy and when done shelled and cleaned prawns are tossed in. Great with bread, rice, appams or anything that can soak it up.

All of these are Sudha’s signature dishes and guarantee a ‘no-one can stop at one helping’ kind of response at the table. 🙂

What you take away:
1) Easy peasy recipes for all of the above.
2) An unforgettable day of serious play with lots of laughter, learning and recipes.


*Dishes will be changed to adapt to whatever is seasonally available.

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