Beginner's Artisan Sourdough Bread Workshop

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Picture Credit Heena Punwani

Nestled in the by lanes of Brittona , N. Goa , overlooking the peaceful flow of the Mandovi river back waters and lush mangroves in a big yellow Portuguese house, resides the Wizard of Sourdough himself …Sujit Sumitran , my friend / fellow food lover and propogater of the ‘ simple but rich’ life . His love and passion for the not so humble Sourdough Bread has to be experienced only first hand to understand the depth of madness. It’s an 8 hour process. His teaching method is impeccable and in a world of ‘jhat phat’ and instant gratitude, where you come out worse for wear, this is the secret. He teaches you the slow , loving, natural way to bake bread. Nothing is more fulfilling then baking your own bread , the aromas are exhilarating and he teaches you to do it right. My advice to anyone wanting to do something for themselves and themselves only ….go to the ‘Bread Whisperer ‘! You will not only do yourself a big favour, but imagine the kudos and bragging rights you will get from family and friends.
Best experience ever. HIC! – thanks to Sujit. BURP! – thanks to Sudha …..but for that ?…. You are going to have to join the class. – Kimmy Sheorey

Artisan Sourdough bread – handmade, healthy, crusty loaves, made with a natural starter and time as an ingredient – the way bread was made thousands of years ago. Bread, in which flavour rules and speed isn’t prioritised over nutrition. If you’re a bread lover, nothing beats the flavor and chewy texture of home made, sourdough bread. And the aroma and flavour of a warm, freshly baked loaf, right from your oven will make you trash the commercial crap that you’ve been eating as bread.

The hands-on workshop is facilitated by Sujit Sumitran, a self taught, artisan baker who bakes with easily available Indian ingredients. But wait – this is more than a workshop, it essentially is an idyllic Goan day spent with like-minded souls, unhurriedly making bread while gazing at the river flowing across the street and chomping on a simple home-cooked meal, that money can’t buy. The only thing that’s missing is a siesta, but then with like minded company – it would be difficult to catch a few winks, when the conversation is all about changing the world – one bake at a time. 🙂

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Pain de Campagne


I’ve been guilty. Guilty of baking and not posting. It’s a whole lot easier to post on Instagram and Facebook. Putting it here requires a lot, lot more time and I’m happy I’m finally here. This is easily one of my favourite sourdough recipes and it has never ever failed to deliver. It’s a high hydration dough and shaping high hydration loaves are aways a challenge. What has worked for me is getting comfortable with the stickiness of the dough. High hydration equals sticky dough and the less you fight it – the easier it gets. It’s like swimming – you can’t do it unless you get wet. So, shall we get comfortable being uncomfortable? 🙂

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