Garlic and Walnut Herb Bread


It’s been a while since I’ve been obsessed with bread leavened with wild yeast. The more I read about the benefits of ‘natural’ or ‘sourdough’ bread – the more difficult it gets for me to play with commercial yeast. But, once in a while, I succumb to the convenience of a quick bake (under 4 hours) compared to a minimum of 9 – 10 hours required for the gentler sourdough bread. Having eaten a lot of the naturally leavened bread, I find the bread made with commercial yeast tasting flat – almost tasteless. And that seemed like a perfect opportunity to make some flavoured bread. So, here’s an experiment in aromatics and texture. Garlic, oregano, basil, milk and coconut oil combined to create an aroma that was sweet! And the chunks of walnut buried in the crumb added a nice crunch to the otherwise pillowy soft texture contributed by the milk in the dough. Here goes:

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